A Casserole and Some Dish Soap

One day, my roommate and I were given a casserole. I have to be honest, it was gross. We both had one serving and then wanted nothing to do with it. The next day went by just like the rest, then the week, then the next three weeks. We started to notice that our apartment started to smell a little funny. It was getting to be a mess so we decided to clean it up. Everything was great until we found the casserole. We had failed to put it in the fridge or throw it away and now we had to deal with the consequences. The consequences being mold, the worst smell imaginable, headaches and sickness, and a competition deciding who would clean it up. It was something that I still have nightmares about.

Believe it or not, we have all had moldy, smelly dishes on our counters at one point or another. Maybe not literally as in this case, but I’d say they are much more damaging. The moldy dishes I am referring to are the “moldy dishes of sin”. We all do it. Unfortunately, we, as humans, tend to mess up and leave a proverbial casserole on the counter. The natural result being smell and mess. in the case of sin we call it Guilt. When we sin we are doing something contrary to the will of God which leaves us feeling, honestly, pretty horrible. Again, that casserole smelled HORRIBLE.

However, we are not doomed to a life of mold,smell, and guilt. There has been a way provided for us to overcome the effects of sin. Just as dish soap and air fresheners were able to overcome the smell and mold of that casserole, the Atonement of Jesus Christ has been provided for each of us to overcome sin and find the happiness and peace that comes from using the gift of repentance.

It is my personal testimony and witness that there truly is a way to find true and lasting peace and happiness in the chaotic world that we live in. That way is Jesus Christ. I know that he is my personal savior. He has suffered and died for me. He lives. He is there with me, and with you every step of the way. That dish soap was always there, but I had to USE it for it to work. It is the same with repentance. We must take full advantage of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is my promise that those who do this will feel the wonderful effect of His Redeeming love.


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